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Friday, May 4, 2012

One in a Million

     Hello everyone, today I will be talking to you about the one in a million badge that was just recently added to Wizard101 with the release of Avalon. I first have to thank VERY much, Kelsey Fireheart and Diana Wildheart. I could not have done it without you guys! To get this new badge, you have to hit a boss with an attack card. The damage you deal HAS to be 1,000,000 in order to obtain this badge. My prey of choice was Melweena Smite in Firecat Alley. My spell of choice was Woolly Mammoth. This proves that when working together, wizards are impossible to stop! Here are some pictures of what really went down in Melweenas Tower.

The first Mammoth that failed because we used our converts wrong so we had to do it again

Now that's more like it!
And here is the badge

Thanks for reading!-

                        Sean Redhammer


  1. Funny, at first we failed that hit about 900K, but we tried again, bad luck, Kelsey's pet did use the attack from the talent she has "snow n tell," then we has to do third times, finally, he got badge. Gratz, Sean!

  2. I'm late to this, but: congrats on the badge! now maybe they'll make a one in 10 million badge for us!